Drying live-edge slabs

Radical tree-trimming last winter has left us with a few logs of ash and walnut, which were sent to a local saw mill.

Sawn in slabs 1.5″ thick, the boards will take a couple of years to dry.




To speed-up drying and control insect damage, I peeled off the bark.

The walnut live-edge looks like a lunar landscape. Unfortunately, the creamy color does not last long.



The pictures below show two sides of the same slab of ash.

On the left, the side exposed to the West,




and on the right, the one exposed to the East… woodworms prefer the good Bretton mist!



Fortunately, ash is tough, and woodworms didn’t get past the bark.


Slabs need to be set to dry on platforms that are flat and level. I used posts sold in Home Centers to build backyard decks. Each post is supposed to stand 2000 lbs.




Slabs are stacked with 1″ stickers between each board.




Finally, the ends are sealed with some leftover paint. This is supposed to help reduce splitting. We shall see in a year or two!

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